Firestone Park Renovations

As Phase One of the Master Plan for the landscaping of Firestone Park in its entirety is set to begin soon, the Restoration and Beautification Committee of Columbiana has its eye on the much-loved pavilions in the park with new names that will reflect the renovation activities and seasonal plantings that will beautify the setting around each shelter. Once landscaping is complete, the four main buildings will no longer be referred to with a number but will be referred to by the season each represents: “Mirror Lake” for Summer, “Oak Grove” for Fall, “Spruce Tunnel” for Winter and “Maple Grove” for Spring. Always comfortable and functional, now the areas around each iconic pavilion will be brightened up with stonework, ornamental plantings, shrubs and flowers. What’s in a name? Beautification!

Support the Restoration of Firestone Park

You can help sponsor park restoration by purchasing a permanently engraved Brick Paver or Memorial Bench with an engraved dedication plaque.

Funds raised will be used to restore the roadways throughout the park as well as landscaped bench sites and walkways.

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