Firestone Park Renovations

The Restoration and Beautification Committee of Columbiana is a nonprofit organization that focuses on restoring the beauty and history of Columbiana.

We accomplish this mission by spearheading capital projects funded by a combination of community sponsors, private donations, and government grants.

Over the past decade, we have worked to raise over $1,000,000 to date and have completed 6 major projects that impact the quality of life for Columbiana’s residents and those who visit the area.

Projects Overview

Current Focus: Harvey S. Firestone Park Restoration

A major restoration of Firestone Park is our current focus. Mirror Lake has been transformed, sidewalks have been added for safer egress and handicap access, the decades-old gutters have been refurbished, the pool house has been restored to its former 1930’s beauty, landscaping has been refreshed throughout, beautiful new brick entrance signs welcome visitors, and a number of recreational amenities and historical features have been added. A combination of private donations and government grants are funding the improvements.

Past Projects

We have successfully planned, fundraised, and completed projects from 2007 to 2021 including Town Square Corners, Town Square Clock, North End Sign and Bridge, Main Street Landscaping, and most recently Main Street Common Pocket Park. These projects focused on high visibility areas and have contributed to community pride and improving the quality of life in Columbiana.

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