Firestone Park Renovations

Firestone-Columbiana Legacy

There is a historical bond through several generations of the Harvey S. Firestone family and Columbiana

The association between the Harvey S. Firestone family and Columbiana began in 1934 when a gift of considerable significance was given to our town — initial funding and land for what would become the Harvey S. Firestone Recreational Park. A generous benefactor, the world-famous industrialist and founder of the iconic Firestone Tire and Rubber Company in Akron, Ohio, he embraced his vision to build “the finest little park in the state” for his community with his contributions of land and money.

For more than eight decades, the Harvey S. Firestone Recreational Park has provided an outdoor experience where families create memories and has served as a centerpiece for community events. It continues this vital role to the present day.

Preserving a Legacy

Construction of The Legacy Trail, including Idabelle Firestone’s Gathering Place & Garden – a tribute to Harvey S. Firestone’s wife who was an accomplished composer, lyricist and avid garden well-recognized in her own right –  furthers the connection between the past and present, the Firestones and Columbiana.

Contributions from the Firestone family, out-of-area individuals, organizations and community members ensure our newly-restored park provides both current visitors and future generations the history of the pioneers who settled Columbiana and the Firestone legacy. 

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