Firestone Park Renovations

Pool & Pool House

A historic, charming and picturesque building ...

First known as the bathhouse, the cornerstone of which is still visible today on the east side of what is now generally referred to as the pool house, came from the remains of the grist mill at Sprucevale, at the old Sandy and Beaver Canal nearby, one of Ohio's enduring historical landmarks. The first building to be constructed in Firestone Park over 8 decades ago, the exterior of the pool house was revived in the Spring of 2021 during a renaissance to restore its original appearance.

Handsome improvements to the exterior include a new sloped metal standing seam roof, specialty terra cotta style refurbishments to maintain the original tile appearance; a weather-tight stucco-style finish, re-fabrication of front entrance gates, attractive new fabric awning over the canopy structure and existing glass windows and doors with view to the pool replaced with aluminum frames and energy-efficient glass. One needs only to glance at this amazing building to embrace the handsome improvements that hearken it back to its former glory.

Pool at Firestone Park

Firestone Pool is located in Firestone Park in the city of Columbiana. The pool is built on land donated by Harvey S. Firestone. It was renovated and expanded in 1988. The pool is open daily to the public during Summer hours. For decades, the Firestone Park swimming pool has increased its bond with the community, providing visitors a safe place to swim, a home for swimming lessons & swim meets, employment opportunities for young men and woman as lifeguards, and a healthy fun environment in which families can enjoy the Summer months.

WPA Project

Construction of the pool and bath house was designated as a national WPA project (Works Projects Administration) under President Roosevelt during the Great Depression.

The swimming pool, the first in the area, holds many fond memories. The very first synchronized local swim team to perform at Firestone Pool was in 1938 led by the local "aquacade" performers of the day, all decked out in the white-satin suits. They performed in the 60 x 120 pool to the popular songs of the day to the delight of onlookers.

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