Firestone Park Renovations


New names and seasonal themes honor the longtime pavilions in the park

The four historic pavilions in the park have been landscaped with lush new plantings and safer walkways and have been christened with appropriate new names to represent the predominant trees at each location.

Pavilion #1
Pavilion 1 is now the Twin Oaks Pavilion, named because of the two magnificent Red Oaks flanking the building and the blooming plants with berries and fall color. The Twin Oaks pavilion, which has two sections, is located north of Mirror Lake.
Pavilion #2 Spruce Tunnel
Pavilion 2 is now the Spruce Tunnel Pavilion and its plantings celebrate the pine trees and winter seasonal plantings. The Spruce Tunnel pavilion is beside the Firestone Funland playground.
Pavilion #3: Maple Grove Pavilion Pavilion 3 is now the Maple Grove Pavilion and honors the many standing Maples at that location with their unusual species of various sizes, forms and bark patterns, and also features plantings that highlight emerging leaf hues, spring blooms and canopy trees for shade. the Maple Grove pavilion is at the southeast corner of the park, near Springfield Road.
Pavilion #4: Mirror Lake Pavilion Pavilion 4 is the Mirror Lake pavilion, which overlooks the beautifully-transformed lake, iconic fountain, perimeter walking path, and lush new plantings.

The re-naming of the Pavilions in the park is part of Phase 2 of the renovation project underway by the Restoration and Beautification Committee of Columbiana during 2021. The new names represent the seasons -- Mirror Lake for Summer, Maple Grove for Fall, Spruce Tunnel for Winter and Twin Oaks for Spring, reflecting the grown trees around each building. Additional new plantings representing each season have also been included in the landscaping around each building. The new signage will not only help identify the buildings by their new names, but will also carry the former number of each pavilion.

Meeting Places

Historic Photo - Duck Pond Dinner Firestone Park

Generations of families have enjoyed meeting at the Harvey S. Firestone Recreational Park pavilions, just like these folks enjoying a Methodist church picnic in the 1950s at the pavilion overlooking what was then called the "duck pond."

Today, this iconic building is known as the Mirror Lake pavilion and it overlooks the beautifully-transformed lake and its glorious surroundings bursting with the color of the perennial plantings and canopy trees. Care has been taken by park management to provide amenities that allow the use of these beloved community gathering spaces all year round.

The attention to the pavilions in the park not only honors the original vision for the park, but also brings into focus the safety and accessibility of the 21st century, while making each pavilion's footprints in the park more memorable, connecting visitors to the colorful story of the park, both past and present.

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