Firestone Park Renovations

Plans for the landscaping and re-naming of the much-loved pavilions in Firestone Park continue at a steady clip with Terra Design Studios of Pittsburgh at the forefront working in tandem with the Restoration and Beautification Committee of Columbiana, as the renovation of the park progresses

Trees, bushes and perennials will be added to all four pavilions, and each will be christened with a new “seasonal” name that reflects the nature of the tree plantings. Around the Mirror Lake Pavilion, formerly known as Pavilion 4, canopy trees will be planted to provide a very welcoming view, and a variety of annual and perennial plantings bursting with color will be planted around the lake to reflect Summer. Pavilion 1 will now be known as the Oak Grove Pavilion for Fall, taking cues from two magnificent Red Oaks to the west. Pavilion 2 has been dubbed the Maple Grove Pavilion for Spring and Pavilion 3, the Spruce Tunnel Grove Pavilion, for Winter. The trees and blooming plants chosen to surround the pavilions reflect the original planting plan and vision created decades ago when the park was first built, and will continue to honor this history, while refreshing the outdoor beauty throughout. Interesting historical facts about the pavilions will also be detailed and new signs at each will display the new names and original numbers.Donations for the ongoing restoration of this beloved Columbiana landmark may be made on this website. Contact with the R & B Committee may be made at

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