Firestone Park Renovations

Harvey S. Firestone Park Restoration, 2014-22

A major restoration of Firestone Park is our current focus. This includes bringing back Mirror Lake to its initial graceful state, adding sidewalks for safer egress and handicap access, rejuvenate the landscaping, and add to the recreational amenities of the park. A combination of private donations and government grants are funding the improvements.
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Main Street Common Pocket Park, 2012-17

This urban space has been transformed into a Pocket Park near the heart of the city on South Main Street. The project included hardscaping, sod, shrubs, lighting, and benches. Later, a large 60″ wall mural by nationally known artist Ray Simon was added to the park.
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Main Street Curb Landscaping, 2012-13

This project was an enhancement to previous paving and sidewalk improvements. We worked with Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) to add “bump outs” to beautify Main Street with hardscaping and trees along the rejuvenated Main Street.
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North End Sign and Stone Bridge, 2009-11

Near the intersections of State Routes 14, 46, and 164, we installed a bridge, beautiful landscaping along a new sidewalk, and the “Welcome to Columbiana, Ohio” sign.
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Town Square Clock, 2008

Town Square ClockThis project was planned to enhance the focal point of Columbiana. We installed the iconic clock tower on Town Square. The project included pavers, landscaping, brickwork, and a sitting wall to transform the Square into one of the most recognizable landmarks in area. Project was funded through $200,000 of private donations.
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Four Corners of Town Square, 2007

Our first project focused on providing seating and attractive locations for shoppers and visitors to interact near the center of historic downtown Columbiana. The addition of pavers, hardscaping, and landscaping creates an attractive backdrop for the businesses, historic society, and theater located on the Square.
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