Firestone Park Renovations

Lance Willard, city manager, and Jim Feath of the engineering firm of Herbert, Rowland & Grubic joined the trustees of the Restoration and Beautification Committee of Columbiana when ground was broken recently at the sports courts at Firestone Park to make way for a brand-new standard-sized basketball court, two new tennis courts and the addition of 3 pickleball courts. The work is being conducted as part of a 3-million-dollar-plus capital project by the R & B Committee to renovate the decades-old city park. New fencing, new drainage and new pathways at the sports courts are also being undertaken, connecting the courts to a historic “Legacy Trail” highlighting the rich history of the park, first opened in the mid 1930’s.

Weather permitting, construction on both of these areas is projected to be complete before the onset of winter. Exciting things continue to happen at Firestone Park! Like us on Facebook at Restore Columbiana.

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