Firestone Park Renovations

More and more people and organizations are turning to the idea of placing memorial benches in public places as a tribute to loved ones and others to preserve a legacy. As part of the current renovation of the Harvey S. Firestone Recreational Park, 35 memorial benches will be placed along a picturesque and newly-created “Legacy Trail” of historic sites within the park. The benches are open to sponsorships from service groups, local businesses, families and individuals.


Mirror Lake - Park Benches

Memorial benches can not only honor loved ones for decades to come, but can commemorate an outstanding community member, historical event, high-school graduation class or anything that bears special meaning or memories.

Harvey Firestone Bench Plaque

Each bench will have a personalized plaque and is a visible and innovative way to support the Restoration and Beautification Committee of Columbiana’s renovation of the park.

Sponsor a memorial bench and you’ll create your own perfect spot in the park to enjoy its beautiful landscape and to cherish special memories! Contact the R & B Committee today at (330) 853-6970 for more information about donating a memorial bench to preserve your legacy or GO HERE.

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