Firestone Park Renovations

At the January 21st meeting of Columbiana City Council there were smiles all around when council members voted unanimously to approve the final plan for Phase One of the landscaping restoration of the Harvey S. Firestone Park. Terra Design Studios‘ Anna Werle presented the plan, a project made possible by a donation from Pat Tingle, chair of the Trustees of the R & B Committee, as a memorial to her late husband.
Harvey S. Firestone Recreation Park Historic Marker
The year-long process of planning and approval from the city’s park board focused on a continuing theme to enhance the many historical aspects of the decades-old park, to make it more accessible, and to honor the park’s founder, Harvey S. Firestone. Firestone while bringing it into the 21st century.  
The focus is on magnificent new plantings throughout the entire park, new signs for the entrances, and landscaping of the pavilions and sites along a newly-created “Legacy Trail.” The new year will also herald in the restoration of the gutters and installation of sidewalks and landscaped sites with benches along the Loop Road, which runs from the pool area and curves east to Springfield Road. Patios surrounded by gardens, most notably one to honor Idabelle Firestone, wife of Harvey, are also planned. This project has been funded at $280,000 from the Ohio Department of Transportation with a grant written by the City with a 5% match from the Restoration and Beautification Committee as a supporting partner in the project. Work will begin in February of this year with a projected completion by the end of April. 
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