Firestone Park Renovations

Pat Tingle and Firestone family members at groundbreaking
Jeff and Heather Firestone, Lendy S. Brown, Kimball Firestone, and Pat Tingle at the Groundbreaking Event

The official groundbreaking ceremony for the Firestone Park renovation was held on July 6, 2018

Firestone Park has been an integral part of the history and memories of generations of kids and adults since 1935. As the park approaches its ninth decade in operation, the Restoration and Beautification Committee of Columbiana has set the stage for improvements to the historic Columbiana landmark.

Mayor Blakeman along with Pat Tingle, chair of the R & B Committee presided over the kick-off celebration. The ambitious project sets out to raise a total of $3.2 million dollars to fund a substantial and much needed overhaul of the park. The initial phase of the project involves the dredging of Mirror Lake coupled with landscaping around the lake perimeter and the addition of the David Tingle Memorial Garden. Work is expected to get underway this fall.

Pat Tingle and her family are giving their best…it’s a labor of love for what she’s done for the residents of this city. If Harvey Firestone left a legacy as a favorite son, she will be our favorite daughter.
Mayor Bryan Blakeman

Several years of planning and work have been done by the R & B Committee to bring the project phase 1 to life. This includes supplying overall vision, securing architectural plans, getting appropriate permits, as well as the initial fund-raising from both private and public monies.

The R & B Committee is grateful for the partnership and support of Ron Detwiler, chair of the Park Board, Keith Kaiser, resident horticulturist for the R & B Committee, Lance Willard, City Manager, and Bryan Blakeman, Mayor of Columbiana.

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