Firestone Park Renovations

Restoration & Beautification’s ongoing renovation of Harvey S. Firestone Recreational Park not only brings much needed attention to our city’s rich history, it enhances a space that remains a scenic backdrop in the lives of countless residents and visitors alike.

A gathering place for summer fun, winter adventures, springtime graduations, family celebrations and holiday traditions, Firestone Park is a bedrock of Columbiana.

A small piece of this mosaic is the Firestone Dog Park (FDP). For our canine companions, the benefits of an off-leash place to safely run, jump and play include:

  • Socialization with other dogs and different humans
  • Increased physical activity resulting in improved health
  • Reduction in less desirable behaviors (becoming better canine citizens)
  • Stimulation of their senses as they enjoy the sights, scents and sounds around them

However, too often we overlook the ways dog parks improve the lives of human companions, as well as the city overall:

  • Fostering the pet-person relationship
  • Improving physical activity levels
  • Providing opportunities for social interaction
  • Offering those living with disabilities and senior citizens safe ways to exercise their dogs
  • Increasing property values (research shows most people see dog parks as amenities)
  • Developing civic involvement
  • Establishing a personal commitment to the area

By enhancing the outdoor experience of residents and guests, the Firestone Dog Park fulfills what Park founder Harvey S. Firestone, as well as Restoration & Beautification, set out to accomplish with his historic name-sake park…create a sense of community.

As of June 2021, the Firestone Dog Park Campaign has raised more than half of the funds needed for construction of Columbiana’s only dog park. To learn more about the FDP, upcoming events and R&B’s ongoing efforts in Firestone Park, please visit

To join the FDP community, donate today at:

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